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  Railway Bridge Monitoring Kirchtobel, Switzerland
  Automated Deformation Monitoring Apollo Bridge, Bratislava, Slovakia
  Volume computation, Bonfol special waste
  Track Monitoring Traunstein, Germany
  Real Time GNSS Bridge Monitoring
  Monitoring of Rail Tracks and Construction Site
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  First Monitoring Project in Slovenia
  Owen Street Level Crossing, Tipton
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  Rail bridge reconstruction
  Burj Dubai
  Al Hamra Tower
  Hong Kong Airport Express Line
  Jiangyin Bridge, China
  Excavation Monitoring Ennetbaden, Switzerland
  Ski Lift Monitoring, Zermatt, Switzerland
  Rock Stability Monitoring, Interlaken, Switzerland
  Monitoring Land Forms in the Swiss Alps
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Railway Bridge Monitoring Kirchtobel, Switzerland

The extension of the railway line between St. Gallen – Arth- Goldau is part of the integration of Eastern Switzerland with the New Railway Link through the Alps (NRLA). There are several engineering projects associcated with this enlargment, such as the building of the new railway bridge close to St. Gallen. As the new bridge will be built close to the existing one hundred year old brigde, the project is complex as the old bridge is made of natural stone and the foundation of its pillars are not accurately defined. This means that construction work can affect the old bridge in the forms of settlement and torsion. A permanent monitoring system is required to monitor these movements and inform the key people in the railway service "SOB Südostbahn" in any case of emergency.



Leica Nivel210/Nivel220
Inclinomètre de précision pour auscultation structurelle  plus
Leica M-Com
Solutions de communication Plug & Play pour l’auscultation  plus


Leica GeoMoS
Automatic deformation monitoring system  plus