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Solutions les chantiers
Leica Geosystems' range of surveying solutions enables workers in the construction, building, surveying and archaeology fields to measure with accuracy and ease.
Archaeology & Heritage
Leica Geosystems provides solutions in the fields of archaeology and heritage. Our systems assist in the survey, extraction and rennovation of historic relics, artifacts, or landmarks from the sea or land such as shipwrecks, tombs, fossils and buildings. plus
Building Survey
Leica Geosystems' range of surveying systems - total stations, levels, GPS and the Leica DISTO - provide accuracy and efficiency in building survey applications. plus
Building Trades
Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day - Leica instruments have transformed work practices in the building trades. plus
Construction & Excavation
Whether its construction, rennovation, excavation or surveying, Leica Geosystems has the solution for you. plus


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