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A powerful tool for investigations and preplanning
3D laser scanning for forensics, public safety, and homeland security. A powerful tool for investigations and preplanning.


The Leica Geosystems ScanStation C10 is a versatile and easy-to-use 3D laser scanning system which enables users to photograph and measure a scene with an extraordinary level of speed, accuracy and completeness.  For detailed information click here.

More Information

Law Enforcement Applications

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Vulnerability & Threat Assessment
  • Police Involved Shootings
  • Crash Investigations
  • Shooting Reconstruction
  • Post-blast Investigation


  • Preserves the scene exactly the way it was discovered
  • Generate high-value "rapid response" data within minutes
  • Virtually revisit and measure the scene any time in the future
  • Enable prosecutors to place the jury into the crime scene
  • Easily understand what a witness could have seen from where
  • Works day or night, long-range, eye-safe. Defeats "The CSI Effect"