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Laser Tracker at Airbus in Bremen, Germany

Airbus Bremen, Germany
New 3D coordinate measuring system
Since March 1999 a Leica laser tracker has been in operation at the Bremen factorysite. The optical 3D measuring system was procured as part of the EF2000 programme.
Field of application
  • Regular checking of section III, EF 2000
  • Periodic checking of all jigs and fixtures
  • Acquisition of 3D data and transfer to current 3D CAD program (reverse engineering)

Scope for application has been approved for almost all parts and fixtures throughout the programme.

Choice of system

To make an informed decision and choice of coordinate measurement systems, a comprehensive examination was carried out as part of a diploma project. A number of laser tracker and photogrammetry 3D coordinate measurement systems were tested against reference objects, examined and evaluated. Leica’s laser tracker LTD500 emerged as the best measurement system according to a benefit analysis (VDI2212) and economic value (VDI2225).

Publication with kind permission of Aerospace Deutschland